This was a historic week in Washington. The status quo has failed, and it's time for the American people to take back the power.

Every day that I go to work, I think about the families in our community - kids learning to read for the first time, single parents juggling two jobs so that their kid can get the best education possible and empty nesters working hard to save for retirement. When I think about the way Washington has made life harder for these families, I know the status quo is not nearly good enough.

This week we took major steps to put more dollars back in the pockets of these families and families across our country. Our tax bill doubles the standard deduction, simplifies filing and reduces rates so YOU keep more of the money YOU earn.

My Committee of Foreign Affairs also passed a critical bill to stop taxpayer dollars from flowing to terrorists overseas. You wouldn't think this would be allowed to happen, but that's just how broken Washington is right now.

Enough is enough!