It’s National Police Week, and I want to take this opportunity to thank the men and women of local law enforcement who are, with few exceptions, incredibly hardworking and dedicated to the safety and well being of our communities.

The Thin Blue Line has faced plenty of challenges in recent years, from the Defund the Police movement to a fentanyl epidemic.  This week in Congress, we considered legislation to address both of those issues and ensure the local departments have the resources they need.  Every day, they go to work not knowing if they’ll come home, and Congress should do everything possible to support them.

Unfortunately, there are some law enforcement officers working at the federal level who could learn a thing or two from our local police.  That became clear after John Durham finally released his report and found that agents at the FBI had “failed to uphold fidelity to the law” in investigating President Trump and alleged ties to Russia.

Instead of focusing on the safety of our country, they tried to use their taxpayer-funded positions to further their own political goals - namely, keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.  Thankfully, those responsible for the Russian hoax are the exception, not the rule, but there still must be consequences for weaponizing the federal government.

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