This week was National Police Week, and not only did we pass a number of great bills to help our law enforcement officers, but it also provided an opportunity to reflect on the service of men and women in our community who put it all on the line to protect us.

To them, I say: thank you. To the first responders in Texas, I say: thank you. To the men and women serving overseas, I say: thank you. And to our veterans, I say: thank you.

But thank you isn't nearly enough. That's why, every day that I go to work for our community, I'm looking for ways to improve what our country does for them.

In addition to the bills we passed to help police, this week was also a big one for our work for veterans. We passed the VA MISSION Act to increase choice and improve care. And, I also had the honor of being named to join the Veterans Affairs Committee. This will provide be an even better perch from which to advocate for the veterans in our community and around the country.

To hear more about everything we got done this week (including some news impacting discharges and our waterways), watch this week's week in review video.