The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is at it again.  It’s using our tax dollars to torture puppies.  Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that animals are not required to be used for cosmetic testing and alternatives exist for drug testing, the mad scientists at the NIH have still allowed dogs to be bitten to death by flies, poisoned and stripped of their vocal cords.

This time puppies were going to be used to test experimental hay fever drugs.

This is upsetting and unnecessary.  Together with a bipartisan group of my colleagues, we demanded answers from the NIH.  The agency needs to tell us - and the American people - why labs continue to subject these dogs to cruel and unusual experiments and who continues to greenlight the projects.  The promised miracle cures never materialize, leaving only a cruel and wasteful track record in their wake.

We need answers and transparency.  We won’t turn a blind eye to the atrocities taking place on our dime.  I’ll continue to fight to hold the NIH accountable and protect innocent animals from these experiments.