Accountability matters.  That is why the Founding Fathers gave us the system of government with checks and balances.  And yet, the Democrats in Congress are turning a blind eye to President Biden’s “shoot first and ask questions later” approach when it comes to spending your money abroad.

While I support Ukraine’s fight against Vladimir Putin’s aggression, it should alarm EVERYONE that Congress approved billions of dollars with no exact accounting of how the money has been or will be spent.  Supporting our allies doesn’t mean blindly sending tens of billions of dollars with ZERO accountability.

If we do not change course and demand a detailed plan, we could find ourselves in another version of the Afghanistan withdrawal with billions of dollars of equipment falling into the hands of our enemies.

Congress was given the power of the purse, and with that power comes responsibility.  Congress owes it to the American people to be transparent and responsible when it comes to spending your money.  I’ll continue fighting for a government that is accountable.