When I was a student on the Harvard campus back in 2014, I recall walking into a group of protestors, some draped in Palestinian flags.  Ignoring the fact that Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets into Israel with the intention of indiscriminately killing Jews, the protestors pointed fingers at Israel’s actions to defend itself - and indirectly towards me, as a U.S. servicemembers - disregarding all the events that led up to that point.

Today is no different.  Following the deadly attack in Israel that killed more than 1,400 people including more than 30 Americans, where have Harvard students laid the blame?  They “hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” according to the statement sent out by Harvard student groups earlier this month.

You don’t have to go to Harvard to know that this statement is ridiculous.  There is no excuse for the barbaric acts of Hamas terrorists, but these Harvard student groups think otherwise.  These Harvard students seem to believe that Palestinians should be allowed to attack Israel, the only Jewish homeland on Earth.  There is a word for applying a different set of rules for Jewish people: it’s called “anti-Semitism.”

That is why I joined my colleagues in condemning this letter the Harvard students sent out, and calling for the administrators to take a clear stance and action to address the blatant anti-Semitism.  I am concerned for the future of our country when the students are openly engaging in anti-Semitism, and Harvard and other educational institutions must do better.

You can read the letter here: