The Second Amendment is clear: the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  And yet, in many states, the rights of those who use cannabis legally are being infringed.

Under current law, there’s a prohibition on the sale of guns or ammunition to users of federally controlled substances, including marijuana, regardless of whether or not the state you live in has legalized medical or recreational use.  That’s not fair; it turns legal cannabis users into second-class citizens by depriving them of a Constitutional right.

Moreover, I’ve heard from countless fellow veterans whose lives have been dramatically improved by cannabis.  It’s been an incredible tool when it comes to treating things like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but many don’t want to have to choose between a viable treatment for their health, and the ability to protect themselves and their families.

That is why I introduced the Gun Rights and Marijuana (GRAM) Act, which would protect Second Amendment rights for marijuana users.   No one should be forced to choose between their rights.  Government exists to protect the rights of the people, and that’s what this bill is about.

Whatever your reason, legal use of cannabis should not cost you your right to bear arms.  Nothing should.  I’ll continue to make sure that our government fulfills its fundamental duty and protects your constitutional rights.