May 13 2024

Florida First

We just got some disturbing news. The Army Corps of Engineers is going to divert $831,000 slated for Florida water infrastructure projects to Maryland in order to deal with the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge. 

This is money that was meant to go towards restoring the Everglades, fixing our ports, and ensuring our water is clean

Now, if you’re thinking how the hell is it fair to rob the people of Florida to benefit the people of Maryland, the answer is simple. It’s not FAIR. In fact, it’s a slap in the face. 

The Army Corps has screwed us over for years by dumping toxic water into our estuary for decades, ruining livelihoods and property values.

But with this decision to divert money away from our communities, the Army Corps has added insult to injury. What’s worse is that the Corps is planning to do this even as there are a number of outstanding questions that neither Maryland, the federal government, nor any other agency have been able to answer.

First, did the company that crashed into the Francis Scott Bridge have insurance? Did the bridge? Will the insurance help cover clean-up and rebuilding costs? How much will those costs be? Maryland doesn’t have an answer yet. 

Maybe instead of stealing money meant to benefit Florida taxpayers, the Army Corps should have done its homework first.

I’m demanding answers from the Corps and will fight them every inch of the way on this decision.