This week, the Army Corps testified before my subcommittee on the Transportation and Infrastructure committee, which gave me a chance to put them on the record about the water management decisions that have led to the discharges that are destroying our community.

I will not allow important questions to go unanswered. I will continue fighting until human health and safety on the Treasure Coast is made a priority!

Here's some other ways we're keeping the pressure on:

  • I wrote to the Army Corps seeking an actual answer to my question on whether there is any point at which the water in Lake Okeechobee would be considered too polluted to discharge.  
  • We released the third episode of our Tortured Coast documentary, focusing on the importance of a southern storage reservoir to send the water south. 
  • I questioned the Army Corps on why and for whom excess water is being kept on the Lake during dry season, especially when the Caloosahatchee desperately needed it.