My biggest responsibility as YOUR representative to Congress is to be a watchdog for how our government spends YOUR tax dollars. This week offered a prime opportunity to inject some common-sense fiscal responsibility into Washington.

The nations of Europe have a combined GDP of $20 trillion, but America is being asked to send Ukraine another $60 billion. Why is that?

It’s because Europe wants to spend lavishly on climate change and social welfare programs instead.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, the U.S. has spent $113 billion on Ukraine. Europe has pledged $101 billion, but only delivered $80 billion of that sum to Ukraine. Now, they’re pledging to spend another $54 billion but spread out over three years — which tells us they are not treating this as an urgent need.

That’s why I voted AGAINST sending $60 billion to Ukraine as part of the larger foreign aid package. Our European allies should put their money where their mouth is on this topic.

This week, I also voted to send military and financial assistance to Israel as it continues to wage war against Hamas and deals with a belligerent Iran.

Israel is a strong ally and one of the only democracies within the Middle East. Unlike Ukraine, Israel has a plan for victory: eradicate Hamas and save the 133 remaining hostages, including six Americans.

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