I’ll never forget when I held Magnum, Maverick, Madalyn and Major for the first time.  Holding them, I knew I would spend the rest of my life protecting these innocent, vulnerable babies. And it reaffirmed my commitment to fighting for the unborn. 

The draft decision from the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade signals that our judicial system may finally move to overturn one of the most disastrous decisions in our nation’s history.  It’s past time for them to defend the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society.  This decision - if accurate - is a victory for the sanctity of life and is undoubtedly the right one.

This fight - however - is far from over.  There will undoubtedly be huge backlash from the activists who support abortion on demand–even defending cruel and brutal procedures performed just hours before birth.  But there’s no doubt in my mind that every heartbeat of an innocent child is worth protecting.  I will not be intimidated and will continue to fight for the lives of unborn babies!