The House of Representatives just passed my bill to restore President Donald Trump sanctions on the International Criminal Court.

My legislation would impose sanctions on any ICC official working to investigate, arrest, detain, or prosecute Israeli officials. The sanctions apply to not just ICC employees, but their immediate families as well.

Under my bill, ICC officials and their families would be denied visas to enter the United States. Those already here would have their visas revoked and face deportation.

While the bill is drafted in response to the ICC’s harassment of Israelis, it goes much further. The sanctions would cover any actions the ICC takes against American citizens and officials from allied countries. The latter includes NATO and major non-NATO ally countries, including Israel, Japan, and Taiwan.

This bill is premised on the simple idea that America’s interests can and must be put first. There is no scenario where the U.S. wins if a faraway judicial body, unaccountable to hard-working American taxpayers, can punish our allies for defending themselves.

I hope the Senate will pass this bill soon and send a clear message that no globalist organization can punish America or our allies.