This week I had the opportunity to question Mike Reininger, who is the primary executive overseeing the All Aboard Florida project. All Aboard Florida says that the project is privately funded, but when you really dig into it, that's not true. They've received, and have been looking for more, taxpayer funding.

When I confronted him with this information, he continued to obstruct the truth. All Aboard Florida doesn't want you to know exactly what’s going on or how much it’s going to cost you.

All Aboard Florida says it cares about safety, but they’re planning a high-speed train that will fly through ground-level intersections in our community without stopping. They say they care about the economy, but the proposed train doesn’t even stop in the 18th District and will trap boats in Stuart and Jupiter for long periods of time. They say they’re privately funding the project, but they’ve continued to apply for public financing.

You deserve the truth about who is paying for All Aboard Florida, as well as why they are failing to address critical safety and economic concerns – like at grade-crossings and major disruptions to our maritime industry. I’ll continue fighting to get you this information and put a halt on these major problems for our community.