Burn pit exposures have ruined the lives of tens of thousands of veterans.  Men who could climb the Hindu Kush with 100 pounds on their back are now barely able to walk with their oxygen tanks.  The reckless decisions made by the government have completely robbed them of their health.  The government is responsible and must do more to help the veterans fight the health complications that come from burn pit exposures.

That is why I have sponsored bills to understand the scope of the problem facing veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  By directing the VA to track exposures to burn pits, Congress can fully understand these deadly exposures and properly assist them.

I’ve been pushing to pass this bipartisan legislation for years, and today, it was finally signed into law as part of the Honoring our PACT Act, a historic piece of legislation that will help veterans get the care that they deserve after they were exposed to toxic piles of garbage.

I am proud that this highly-anticipated and much-awaited bill finally became law today.  It’s a huge step forward in making sure that burn pits do not become the next Agent Orange and that the government takes responsibility for the veterans it puts in harm’s way.

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