Israel is not a racist state - no matter how much Democrats try to say otherwise.

Over the weekend, Congresswoman Jayapal, who also chairs the Progressive Caucus, called Israel “a racist state,” ahead of the President of Israel’s visit to the United States.  This is ironic, coming from the Biden Administration’s Congressional allies that like to divide people by race.  But we cannot let their extreme agenda color our support for one of our strongest allies, Israel.

So let’s clear up any confusion: Israel is not a racist state.  Israel has been the City of Refuge for millions of people across the world, from the days of Abraham to modern day following the Holocaust.  Israel is a nation of tolerance and a model nation for others in the Middle East.

That is why House Republicans today called out the Left’s nonsensical position and remarks by progressive Democrats in order to show our unequivocal support for Israel.  Israel is one of our strongest allies, and we must continue to stand with Israel against our enemies.

I am excited to welcome the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, who will offer a Joint Address to Congress tomorrow, and I look forward to the continued partnership between the United States and Israel.