We ended 2022 on a high note: after years of an unconstitutional mandate, Congress finally repealed the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for members of the military.

While this restoration of medical freedom is worth celebrating, it is not enough and we’ve got more work to do.  It’s estimated that over 8,000 servicemembers have been discharged from the military simply for exercising his or her right to make a medical decision, and reenlisting them isn’t just a matter of righting a wrong, it’s about our national security.

The U.S. is facing very real threats from China and Russia.  At the same time, every branch of the military is facing major recruitment problems for the first time in decades.  Now is not the time to be kicking servicemembers out, especially after the U.S. has invested in their training.

That is why today I introduced the the Vaccine Mandate Reenlistment Act, which would ensure that any soldier, sailor, Airman or Marine who was discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine would be able to rejoin the military at his or her rank and pay grade prior to the discharge.

Those who support vaccine mandates for the military say that it’s about military readiness, but how can discharging thousands of troops benefit our readiness?  We need to get these men and women back in uniform and back doing the work that they were trained for: serving our country and defending our freedom.

To learn more about the bill, read the bill here:

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