When I began serving in Congress in 2017, one of the first things I did was the first-ever Congressional office housed in a VA facility.  The goal was simple: to assist the veterans at the exact moment they need help with the bureaucratic maze that is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  In less than two years, my team and I were able to help over 500 veterans.  However, in 2019, we were evicted by the VA with no good explanation.

Here’s the reality: out of roughly 1,500 cases my team and I handle for constituents every year, most are for veterans who have a problem with the VA.  Having a presence in the VA makes a big difference for many who need assistance but may also be dealing with mobility issues that would make it difficult to travel to another office.  On top of that, there’s few federal agencies that need more oversight than the VA, and having a Congressional team within the building makes it easier to spot problems as they arise.

Today, I introduced the Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act, which would require the VA to allow a Member of Congress to use a facility in order to meet with constituents and hold office hours.  Veterans fought for us, it’s only right that Members of Congress fight for them.

I will continue that fight every single day to bring proper oversight over the VA and allow Members of Congress to serve veterans to the best of their ability.

You can read the bill here:

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