Over the weekend, the Department of Energy reported that the COVID-19 virus likely originated from a lab leak in Wuhan, China.  This finding comes after Republicans have spent years pushing for transparency and accountability, and the Chinese Communist Party has spent years engaging in a massive cover-up.

Why does this matter?  Because for years, the mainstream media dismissed the lab leak as a conspiracy theory, and as a result, the Chinese Communist Party and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were allowed to deny, deny, deny, while the virus ravaged the entire globe and killed millions of people.

Now, with our own Department of Energy admitting that a lab leak is the most likely cause, it’s past time for China to take responsibility for the deception, cover-up, and outright lies that led to millions of deaths and massive economic consequences.

That is why I introduced the resolution to force the communist China to accept responsibility for its gross deception and mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak.  If the Administration won’t stand up for the American people, the People’s House must.

Moreover, the United States’ response to the pandemic has cost trillions of dollars.  China shouldn’t just be made to take responsibility for the pandemic, the CCP should pay for it.  My bill would empower the U.S. to withhold payments on debt owed to China equal to the amount spent on pandemic response.

China lied, and people died.  It’s time that China faces the consequences.

You can read the bill here: 

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